Today's News: Announcing IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 7.0.2

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    DOMINONEWS.COM | Targeted News for IBM Lotus Professionals
    September 28, 2006
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    HOT NEWS | Today's Headlines

    - Announcing IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 7.0.2!
    - What the press is saying about IBM Lotus Sametime 7.5
    - View the Lotus Sametime 7.5 Real-time, Right Now! webcast
    - Developing a location awareness plug-in for Lotus Sametime Connect 7.5

    - Crocodile Hunter Goodbye: Poem by Rupter McCall
    - Firefox 2.0 RC1 Adds Security, Usability Enhancements
    - Award-winner Prolifics makes WebSphere Portal advantages "crystal clear"
    - Napster explores sale, tie-up
    - IBM and Enigma Deliver New Tech Doc Mgmt and Delivery Tech for Airline
    - HP chairwoman to step down
    - IBM forges patent policy
    - Google focusing on Web search, not own content
    - Software applies its own Band-Aids
    - Processor, memory may marry in future computers
    - Tiny RNA, big possibilities
    - European rivals turn wary eye on Microsoft
    - New mobile devices learn as they connect
    - MySpace may be worth $15 billion
    - New banking centers ease tellers closer to obsolescence
    - Intel shows pint-size server motherboard
    - IBM tech translates Arabic broadcasts to English
    - Silicon technology not set in stone
    - Study: Tech unites, not divides 'Family 2.0'
    - German patent office to file electronically
    - Reports: Microsoft buys Israeli start-up Gteko
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    ANNOUNCING IBM LOTUS NOTES AND DOMINO 7.0.2! | Lotus developerWorks

    IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 7.0.2 maintenance release contains updates and
    fixes -- IBM Lotus Notes and Domino release 7.0.2: (1) Provides you with the
    expected maintenance updates, (2) Adds a number of new product features such
    as (a) The ability to RSS enable databases (b) The ability to take your
    Lotus Notes desktop with you on certain USB pluggable devices, (c) The
    ability to add calendar events to your Lotus Notes calendar from iCal
    compliant published calendars, (d) Inclusion of a blog template


    The press respoond with enthusiasm to the September 13 availability of IBM
    Lotus Sametime 7.5. On September 13 , along with significant industry
    support from leading business partners, IBM announced the availability of
    Lotus Sametime 7.5 software, which enables businesses to extend their real-
    time collaboration beyond instant messaging and Web conferencing to a
    platform for unified business collaboration. The IBM approach to unified
    collaboration integrates an enterprise's key communication tools into their
    business processes, helping users collaborate faster and smarter to
    increase productivity.

    Original Event Date: September 13, 2006, Duration: 90 minutes -- In today's
    business world, nobody wants to wait. To keep up, you need to work in the
    now. The Real-time, Right Now launch event demonstrates how IBM Lotus
    Sametime 7.5 lets you conduct business in real-time, providing you with the
    immediate results you demand. In this launch event replay, learn how your
    company can benefit from conducting business in real-time, while helping
    you become more familiar with the improved Sametime 7.5 features. Imagine
    using an instant message with video, telephone or audio conference. Also
    take advantage of voice over IP. It’s all integrated in the newest version
    of Sametime.

    V7.5 | Lotus developerWorks
    Once you understand the location awareness feature in IBM Lotus Sametime
    V7.5, you can use it along with the Lotus Sametime Software Development Kit
    (SDK) to create a plug-in that displays local weather for a selected
    partner. This article shows you how to use the Sametime location awareness
    feature to create a plug-in that displays local weather for your Sametime
    partners. It assumes that you have some prior experience developing plug-ins
    for IBM Lotus Sametime Connect in the Eclipse IDE. For more information
    developing Sametime plug-ins and about the Lotus Sametime SDK, see the
    Resources section.

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    TOTAL Recall: Message Recall Tool for Lotus Notes
    Mail users can now quickly cancel sent e-mail messages!

    TOTAL Recall allows Lotus Notes mail users to delete copies of a
    sent message. If a mail user sends an email to the wrong person or
    simply decides to cancel it they now have the ability to click a
    single button to recall the message. Total Recall supports recalling
    messages between internal Lotus Notes mail users. The mail user
    simply selects an e-mail in their "Sent" view, then clicks the
    "Recall" button. Optionally leave a stub message in each mailbox.

    Crocodile Hunter Goodbye: Poem by Rupter McCall |

    The World's Original Wildlife Warrior -- Australia Zoo and Wildlife Warriors
    Worldwide are today in mourning for a beloved friend and respected leader.
    The global response to the loss of Steve Irwin and the public outpouring of
    empathy we have received has been overwhelming, and a significant comfort to
    those of us who knew him. This is not just a loss for us, but for a planet
    full of people who loved him so well, and for the world’s precious wildlife
    that he laid his life on the line to protect. How do I make a donation? The
    Irwin family has requested that all donations be made to Wildlife Warriors
    Worldwide LTD.

    Firefox 2.0 RC1 Adds Security, Usability Enhancements | eWeek

    Review: The Mozilla Foundation has added some welcome improvements to the
    browser as it nears the finish line. Version 2.0 looks to be a must-upgrade
    for Firefox users, but it doesn't dazzle with innovation. eWEEK Labs' tests
    of Firefox 2.0 Release Candidate 1 show that the new browser will be a
    worthwhile upgrade - with welcome usability enhancements and improved
    security controls - but anyone hoping that it would set the Web on fire with
    innovative new features will probably be a little disappointed.,1895,2021180,00.asp

    Award-winner Prolifics makes IBM WebSphere Portal advantages "crystal
    clear" | IBM

    In 2005 Prolifics introduced a Web-based portal that, among other things,
    enabled a medical office to get up and running on these services online.
    Before the portal, bringing an office on board took about 90 days and
    lots of paper and phone calls. Today, with the portal, the entire process
    takes just 20 minutes.

    Napster explores sale, tie-up | CNN Tech

    Online music company Napster said on Monday it was considering selling the
    company or entering into possible joint ventures. Shares of Napster surged
    11 percent to a four-month high. "There's been interest by third parties to
    acquire the company," Chris Gorog, Napster's chief executive, said in an
    interview, adding that other proposals had included strategic partnerships
    or joint ventures. "That activity has heated up as we've gotten traction
    with a lot of our new products. "Napster said it hired investment bank UBS
    to help it look into the possibilities.

    IBM and Enigma Deliver New Technical Document Management and Delivery
    Technology for Airline Industry | IBM

    IBM today announced new software for the aviation industry designed to
    improve fleet maintenance operations, reduce operational costs and help
    improve regulatory compliance. The solution for Maintenance Repair and
    Overhaul (MRO) helps automate processes and quickly deliver critical repair
    information to the line maintenance technicians who need it to improve
    aircraft repair turnaround time, and optimize the efficiency and consistency
    of airline maintenance.

    HP chairwoman to step down | CNN Tech

    California AG may indict within a week in HP case -- CEO Hurd to succeed
    as chair; Dunn to leave post after scandal; director Keyworth resigns.
    California Attorney General Bill Lockyer may file criminal charges within a
    week in his investigation of tactics used by Hewlett-Packard Co. in an
    into boardroom leaks, a spokesman told Reuters on Wednesday. "It could
    in a week," said Tom Dresslar, a spokesman for Lockyer. However, "We're not
    going to confine ourselves to a specific timeline for any charges."

    IBM forges patent policy | IBM

    IBM has adopted a new corporate policy governing the creation and management
    of patents that goes beyond current law. The formulation came after the
    company created and maintained a two-month wiki focused on issues around
    intellectual property.

    Google focusing on Web search, not own content | CNN Tech

    Google Inc. is unlikely to make any major investments in original content,
    choosing instead to keep its focus on Internet search, a top executive from
    the Web powerhouse said Tuesday. Tim Armstrong, vice president of
    sales, said Google viewed itself "as an operator of the Web" rather than a
    company that would produce original text, films or images.

    Software applies its own Band-Aids | IBM

    New software will let developers and solution providers build applications
    that can heal themselves. IBM researchers, who developed the software,
    estimate it could save IT staffers up to 80 percent of the time they've
    manually fixing problems. Created through the collaboration of IBM research
    and development laboratories in India, Japan, Toronto and the United States,
    the software helps recognize warning signs to head off system crashes and
    performance bottlenecks.

    Processor, memory may marry in future computers | CNET

    Will Intel get back into the business of selling computer memory? It might,
    if one of the ideas in a recent chip prototype moves into manufacturing. On
    Tuesday, Intel showed off an 80-core processor at its developer forum taking
    place in San Francisco this week and one of the prominent features of the
    chip is that each core is connected directly to a 256MB memory chip through
    a technology called Through Silicon Vias, or TSV.,+memo...mputers/2100-1006_3-6120547.html?

    Tiny RNA, big possibilities | IBM

    Researchers at IBM and the Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) have
    discovered that microRNAs, small molecules that have been shown to be
    involved in the regulation of the machinery of living cells, are probably
    much more influential than previously thought.

    European rivals turn wary eye on Microsoft | CNET

    European security software makers are closely, but quietly, watching as
    Microsoft enters their turf. Companies such as F-Secure, Panda Software and
    Sophos are taking a low-key approach, unlike their U.S. counterparts.
    Cupertino, Calif.-based Symantec, in particular, has been vocal in its
    opposition to Microsoft, even sending executives to Europe to talk to
    reporters about how it fears the software giant will undercut security
    rivals with Windows Vista.

    New mobile devices learn as they connect | IBM

    New technology will allow mobile devices and networks to automatically learn
    about users' whereabouts and preferences as they commute, work and travel.
    The immediate benefit will be streamlining the routing of wireless phone
    traffic. But researchers at IBM and Telenor, who developed it jointly,
    foresee other more user-focused applications.

    MySpace may be worth $15 billion | CNET

    MySpace, the social-networking Web site, could be worth around $15 billion
    within three years, measured in terms of the value created for shareholders
    of parent company News Corp., a Wall Street media analyst forecast
    MySpace was acquired by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. for $580 million less
    than a year ago. It now boasts more than 90 million active users.

    New banking centers ease tellers closer to obsolescence | IBM

    Michigan First Credit Union has teamed up with IBM for "electronic-banking"
    centers that combine ATM convenience with services usually provided by
    tellers or online banking. Although they look much like traditional ATMs,
    the new units provide most of the services offered by a teller such as
    cashing checks to the penny, making loan payments, getting receipts,
    transferring funds between accounts, getting printed copies of statements,
    and making deposits with checks, cash or coin.

    Intel shows pint-size server motherboard | CNET

    ntel began showing off a half-size server motherboard Tuesday, a design that
    harkens back to earlier days when cramming in processors as densely as
    possible was a priority. The S3000PT, code-named Port Townsend, measures
    about 6 inches by 13 inches, said Dave Kennedy, a product manager at Intel.
    That size means two of the motherboards can fit inside a single rack-mounted
    machine just 1.75 inches thick, or 10 can fit vertically in a 7-inch-thick
    machine. The company showed off both setups at its Intel Developer Forum

    IBM tech translates Arabic broadcasts to English | IBM

    IBM researchers have developed technology to translate Arabic media
    almost instantly into English. Code named "TALES" (Translingual Automatic
    Language Exploitation System), the IBM technology processes the audio signal
    from Arabic television and radio stations and translates its spoken content
    into searchable English text.

    Silicon technology not set in stone | IBM

    Almost since the first transistor was created in 1947 researchers have been
    working on ways to improve its performance. Now some observers say that
    current approaches are nearing the end of their useful life. The latest
    of IBM Journal of Research and Development - available free, online --
    disputes those views.

    Study: Tech unites, not divides 'Family 2.0' | CNET

    The world might be increasingly reliant on high-tech gadgets and new-media
    information sources, but that has only strengthened traditional family
    a survey conducted by Yahoo and ad agency OMD concludes. The study surveyed
    more than 4,500 families with Internet access, covering a total of 16
    countries in the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe. Participants were
    asked questions on topics ranging from time spent together as a family
    to the
    number of gadgets owned by the household. The conclusion was simple: The
    information age has led to resurgence in focus on the importance of the
    nuclear family.,+not+divides+Family+2.0/2100-1025_3-6120320.html?

    German patent office to file electronically | IBM

    The German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA), with the help of IBM
    consultants, will switch to an electronic file system that will improve
    efficiency and expand customer service. With the new system, which includes
    document and workflow management, the entire process will be completed
    electronically, from application to publication.

    Reports: Microsoft buys Israeli start-up Gteko | CNET

    U.S. software giant Microsoft has bought Israeli start-up Gteko, a developer
    of technical support products, Israeli newspapers reported on Wednesday.
    Although the value of the deal is not known, the Maariv newspaper said it
    estimated it at $90 million. The Yedioth Ahronoth paper said it was worth
    more than $100 million. Gteko and Microsoft officials were not immediately
    available for comment.
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    DominoNews, Sep 28, 2006
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  2. Hmmm. Not available via passport advantage to download as of yet...
    Steve Pitcher, Sep 29, 2006
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  3. According to Volker Weber (, 7.0.2 have been pushed to next week,
    because some critical bug was found.

    Karl-Henry Martinsson, Sep 29, 2006
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