Seeking Lotus / IT job searching advice

Discussion in 'Lotus Notes General Discussion' started by counted99, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. counted99

    counted99 Guest

    I could use some advice. I have been a lotus admin for over 5
    years now. In that time I have built my skills up and have become very
    good at what I do. I have worked with 3 releases of lotus, 4 releases
    of right fax and 2 releases of Blackberry. I am a sole admin to 9
    servers and 1500+ users. I like the verity of work and people. Truth
    be told I love my job; hate the environment (the politics in this
    building make the Washington DC look like nothing).
    5 years ago I fell into this job. I am now seeking to fall out of
    it. I have continued my education and will have my MBA next June.
    When I came to this job I was straight out of my BS program in
    business. My company moves 40 miles south from my house in April. I
    currently live 20 miles away. In Chicago Land the new drive translates
    to 3-6 hours of driving daily. Needless to say I want a new job that
    pays better then I make currently (that won't take much). I have tried
    the usual suspects for job searching including monster and dice. Head
    hunters have been futile. Any suggestions how to jump start my job
    search and get me out of this loony bin? I am looking for something
    between Chicago and Milwaukee; preferably around 30/35 miles from the
    border. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    counted99, Jun 30, 2005
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