Replication cannot proceed because cannot maintain uniform access control list on replicas

Discussion in 'Lotus Notes Administration' started by jackyegarrett, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. My Notes package does not work properly if I uncheck the "Enforce a

    I have two servers that replicate. One is the administration server.
    Checked, no replication.

    What do I do?
    jackyegarrett, Feb 26, 2005
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  2. jackyegarrett

    Caliban Guest

    As I understand it you need to check the 'Enforce consistent' in order
    for an application to work?

    But if you do that it no longer replicates?

    If so then it's not replicating because the ACLs on the servers don't
    match. So you need to get the ACLs to match... turn off that check
    box, make sure that the servers have manager access in the ACL and the
    ACLs should then replicate. Turn on the 'enforce'. Review the merged
    ACLs and sort out any problems on the admin server replica - with that
    setting on then ACL changes should only be made on the admin server.
    Caliban, Feb 27, 2005
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