Outlook 2002 connector: problem connecting with Domino server because of NAMELookup2 problem

Discussion in 'Lotus Notes General Discussion' started by Jean-Paul Smeets, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. Hi,

    I'm trying to use Outlook 2002 Connector to connect with a Domino R5
    server, but I can get no connection.

    From the log file I see that the connector uses a NAMELookup2 with the
    correct Domino server to get the name of the mail file, but the name
    its gets back is corrupted. There are spurious characters at the end
    of the mail file name.

    From the MSOCLog.txt file

    <<67c 25 16:37>> User name : : CN=Jean-Paul Smeets/O=Someorg
    <<4f8 25 16:37>> NAMELookup2 called with m_pServerName=someserver
    Flags=0 pNameSpaces=0x13646F4 NumNameSpaces=1 pNames=0x12E6CC
    NumNames=1 pItems=0x12DA58 NumItems=7 prethBuffer=0x12E094
    <<67c 25 16:37>> User name Mail file name : mail\jsmeets

    <<67c 25 16:37>> Domain name :

    <<67c 25 16:37>> Server name : : nleserver
    <<4f8 25 16:37>> Calling NSFDbOpen with
    <<4f8 25 16:37>> File does not exist

    The problem is the 3 bad characters after mail\jsmeets
    These are 0x01 0x05 0x01

    If it feeds this bad mail file name to NSFDbOpen function call this of
    course fails.
    When I manually try to do a NSFDbOpen with someserver!!mail\jsmeets as
    mail file name with the remote example from the Lotus C API toolkit it
    works. I'm therefore sure that my connection with the Domino server is
    ok, but somehow the NAMELookup2 gets corrupted.

    Anybody else ever seeing this?

    Jean-Paul Smeets
    Jean-Paul Smeets, Sep 25, 2003
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  2. I use Microsoft Outlook 2002 with the Outlook 2002 Connector to a
    Domino R5 server.

    Normally the client is Notes R5.0.9a

    The logs were generated with MSOCLog.exe. From the logging I could see
    that they use the Lotus Notes C API.

    To test the connectivity I use the BASIC\REMOTE example from the Lotus
    Notes C API.
    Jean-Paul Smeets, Sep 26, 2003
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