Notes Sql , Problem Accesing several forms

Discussion in 'Lotus Notes Administration' started by jksdhf, Nov 3, 2003.

  1. jksdhf

    jksdhf Guest

    I am a newbie in Lotus and I was said that I can access Data from Lotus
    Databases through Notes SQL. I have a database that stores data about
    projects in my company. That database has several forms and views. I have no
    problem to access the views I can obtain all that they have, but it is not
    enough data so I want to access to several forms that contain all data I
    need. I can access some of the forms but not all of them. If I select those
    forms I can't see any data. I also can not access Universal Relation that
    could solve the problem too.

    I am accesing through administrator user/password so I have read/write
    access so ... What is the problem ?

    Thak you all.
    jksdhf, Nov 3, 2003
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