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Discussion in 'Lotus Notes Programming' started by akdlotus, Sep 19, 2022.

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    Sep 19, 2022
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    Hi Team,

    I need to run a lotus nested loop, for example, I Have a notes document and in Lotus document I have 2 Multivalued filed one is Modified By and another is ModifyTime , I want to show "ModifyTime:ModifyBY " like this but my problem is that when I run one loop then another loop run 4 times (if another filed have 4 values likewise) and again go to the first loop that is the issue

    If any one help then it is great

    If Not EvByvitem Is Nothing Then
    ForAll m In EvByvitem.Values

    ForAll n In Evtmitem.Values

    fn=Format$(n,"yyyy-mm-dd h:nn:ss")
    If evbval = "" Then
    evbval = CStr(fn)+":"+m
    Call printText(xlObj, col, Row, evbval)
    GoTo m
    evbval = evbval+chr(10)+CStr(fn)+ ":" +m
    Call printText(xlObj, col, Row, evbval)
    GoTo m
    End If
    End ForAll
    End ForAll
    'Call printText(xlObj, col, Row, evbval)
    evbval =""
    End if
    akdlotus, Sep 19, 2022
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