new server, new version, new names and address book?

Discussion in 'Lotus Notes Administration' started by Justin Michael, May 11, 2004.

  1. Hi,

    I have purchased a new server for my company and I'm trying
    to decide if it is better to create a new domain for the server
    or if it would be better to use the existing NAB. Here are the

    1) we've had a large change in which users use Lotus and which
    use our other e-mail system, so there are a lot of names in the
    NAB which are no longer in use.

    2) we have a large (for our company) amount of historical
    calendar, phone and other events which we track in a database
    that is keyed by username from the NAB.

    3) the name of our server doesn't take advantage of cnames
    (the server name in the mail database is server01 instead of
    server), so a new certificate should be built with a more
    (dns|cluster)-friendly name.

    4) we've had some corruption of our configuration due to using
    the webadmin client in conjunction with the administrator client

    5) our environment feels complicated (maybe it isn't), several
    servers performing different tasks, multiple companies
    interacting, international locations (with no tech staff at remote
    sites), multiple external mail systems, third-party CRM application
    with internally implemented security. There's a chance of screwing
    up some arcane setting that made everything work.

    6) there might be some gaping security hole that would be closed
    by creating a new configuration document.

    7) we're already changing several things ... operating system
    platform, domino version, physical hardware ...

    The manager in me says too many changes at once would make
    troubleshooting difficult. The techie in me says this is a
    great time to make a clean sweep and clear out the rubbish.


    Justin Michael, May 11, 2004
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  2. Justin Michael

    Caliban Guest

    Well that's easily sorted.
    I don't understand this? You want to change a name from 'server01' to
    'server'? In my experience Domino clusters don't care what the name
    is though I'd agree that DNS should be considered.
    But that can sorted yes?
    maybe OK, maybe some rationalisation is called for

    that's good presumably, and would continue even with a major overhaul?
    again, that would continue to be the case. I've worked this before
    and remote control software was almost always adequate
    again, these wouldn't necessarily go away
    this may need it's own server based on current settings
    But if you don't recognise a hole now why would it be any better on a
    new one?
    Yes. You are changing OS??
    I'd go for a gradual change - tackle one thing at a time. There
    doesn't seem to any one major problem that would justify taking such a
    major risk,
    Caliban, May 11, 2004
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  3. That is the difference between a techie and a manager
    - the manager see wants to see the business continue smoothl
    - the techie will light a tidy fire in a paint store, then try to
    control it

    so what is your role?

    (the other side of it is will anyone really notice if the new service
    runs smoothly, or will they notice it more if it's down for three
    [email protected], May 11, 2004
  4. How so? I can't delete them without the calendar connector
    complaining on server restart about missing database entries.
    removing the old entries or replacing the nab will impact notes'
    ability to keep track of historical events.
    Maybe. Could be that the corruption is deep in our NAB. Don't know.
    yes, but replacing the NAB could make get it all straight difficult.
    yeah, but likely I'd need to send the new NAB to the servers I
    don't plan to touch for other reasons further complicating upgrade.
    True, it's just a complication
    because the new defaults are more secure than the old defaults.
    a setting in the old NAB might default to less secure.
    yeah, we have to. 6.51 is not supported on red hat 7.2. even if that
    weren't the case, I'd upgrade the OS for better support of the new
    thanks for your opinion. i'm interested in hearing your solution
    for removing old users from the nab.

    thanks for your time!

    Justin Michael, May 17, 2004
  5. Well, the techie wants things neat and predictable, I'm not sure
    that it is comparable to lighting a fire.
    I'm both! :).
    well, i certainly wouldn't switch users over until the new server
    worked consistantly, but it sounds like both of the responders say
    "too many changes is too risky."

    thanks for your time and your opinion.

    Justin Michael, May 17, 2004
  6. don't remove them (completely) - create a user (ours is called Mr
    zzzzzz zzzzzz)
    and set the old users as alaises on that user.
    Calendar is happy
    junk mail has somewhere to go (an agent can delete it after delivery)
    can even put the zzzzzz zzzzzz user in a 'deny access group' and make
    sure they can't get in.
    [email protected], May 18, 2004
  7. i think you are saying

    1) remove the user from the nab
    2) add the user as an alias for another (unused) user in the nab


    Justin Michael, May 19, 2004
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