move lotus notes 7 to new windows domain

Discussion in 'Lotus Notes Administration' started by alfwro, May 8, 2008.

  1. alfwro

    alfwro Guest

    Hi there,

    i am new to lotus notes.

    I have inherited a lotus notes 7 server and was just given task of
    moving/migrating that server from one domain to another.

    what will be the efect of running domain migration tool on users using
    lotus notes ?

    what changes will have to be made to their settings?

    what other problems should I be expecting?

    any help will be highly appreciated.

    alfwro, May 8, 2008
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  2. alfwro

    Lester Guest


    You are new to Notes and your first task is to move to another domain.
    Someone must *really* like you!

    My advice is the advice I give to any user wanting a name change. That
    is, do you really need to do this? It's quite possible you may
    encounter problems as a result so don't change it unless it's
    absolutely necessary. In your case my advice is magnified
    exponentially. If it absolutely has to be done get a consultant in
    because you do not want to start this without some Notes skills.

    Can I ask what the background to the request is?

    Lester, May 8, 2008
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  3. alfwro

    alfwro Guest

    I work for a companyA (big international corp, I work for local
    division) that recently bought company B (small local company)
    Company A has windows domain called domainA with Microsoft mainly
    companyB has a windows domain called domainB with mixed environment
    and lotus notes7

    my job is to migrate all servers from domainB to domainA.

    I've done almost everything but the Lotus Notes server.
    Right now between domainA and domainB we've got established trust so
    users still can access lotus notes and keep on using it, but because
    of that we run two sets of servers.
    the way I see it I got few ways to go:
    1. install lotus notes server on a server in domainA and somehow move
    all the settings and DB to that new server and update all lotus notes
    clients with link to that server and after that shut down the old
    2. run active directory migration tool and "move/join" that server to
    domainA but that will most probably brake all the links between lotus
    notes server and it's clients

    what I'm planing to do is to set up a test server running in domainA
    with lotus notes and find a way of transferring all the data to that
    box. But are there any available tools to migrate the data or one has
    to do everything manually?

    you might be right getting consultant to do the job seems like the
    easiest way to go but first I want to understand the problem so I know
    what's involved.
    the other problem is that companyA still hasn't decided whether they
    going to keep lotus notes or maybe it's going to be scrapped in the
    near future so for the next few months/years I need to be able to
    support those few users using it.

    I'd appreciate your thoughts, ideas and suggestions.
    alfwro, May 8, 2008
  4. Well,
    if you speak about Windows domain then you can forget about Domino
    server. Just migrate the server as any other server and that is. If
    you don't change it's IP addres or domain name it is easy and nobody
    care to much about it.
    Martin Humpolec, May 9, 2008
  5. alfwro

    Lester Guest

    I agree, Notes doesn't much care so long as the network side of things
    all works. Windows domains shouldn't make any difference. I just
    assumed when you mentioned Domain you meant Notes domain. If Notes
    may yet be scrapped then keep all the Notes side as is until a
    decision is taken. So long as the clients can still resolve the
    server name should be fine.
    Lester, May 9, 2008
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