Lotus Organizer 97 - how print labels/business cards with phone# on bottom

Discussion in 'Lotus Notes Technical Queries' started by pattyjamas, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. pattyjamas

    pattyjamas Guest

    I am trying to help a senior citizen with Lotus Organizer and he has
    input 97 addresses with phone numbers. These people reside in different
    countries other than just the US.

    He is having a tough time trying to get the program to print out Labels
    in the form of Business Cards where it prints the Name and Address,
    then at the bottom of the card (he desires) the phone # or numbers.

    He said it always prints the phone number somewhere else other than the
    desired bottom of his printout (of business like cards for his file) or
    perhaps a piece of paper with multiple names.

    He said he could do this (phone number on bottom) with SmartSuite but
    since he changed computers he had to fall back on an old yet legal and
    purchased copy (still available) of Lotus Organizer 97 or so (running
    on XP)

    Thanks for any help.
    pattyjamas, Dec 29, 2004
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