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Discussion in 'Lotus Notes Programming' started by Carsten Steinhoff, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    i try to send an email from MS Excel via Notes Memo. Nearly everything
    works fine, but two problems remaining;

    (1) I don't get the Mail automatically flagged and sent as high-
    priority (although i set two flags in the vba -code)
    (2) My signature always is created automatically at the very beginning
    of a mail. Is it possible to suppress the signature when a new memo is
    created, or to delete the whole body once and replace it by other text
    in a second step?

    Thanx for any help.

    Below the VBA-Coding still in use:

    Public Sub SendNotesMail(Subject As String, Attachment As String, _
    Recipient As String, BodyText As String, _
    SaveIt As Boolean)
    ' Set up the objects required for Automation into lotus notes
    Dim Maildb As Object 'The mail database
    Dim UserName As String 'The current users notes name
    Dim MailDbName As String 'THe current users notes mail database
    Dim MailDoc As Object 'The mail document itself
    Dim AttachME As Object 'The attachment richtextfile object
    Dim Session As Object 'The notes session
    Dim EmbedObj As Object 'The embedded object (Attachment)

    'Start a session to notes
    Set Session = CreateObject("Notes.NotesSession")
    'Next line only works with 5.x and above. Replace password with
    your password
    'Session.Initialize ("password")
    'Get the sessions username and then calculate the mail file name
    'You may or may not need this as for MailDBname with some systems
    'can pass an empty string or using above password you can use
    other mailboxes.
    UserName = Session.UserName
    MailDbName = Left$(UserName, 1) & _
    Right$(UserName, _
    Len(UserName) - InStr(1, UserName, " ")) &
    'Open the mail database in notes
    Set Maildb = Session.GETDATABASE("", MailDbName)
    If Maildb.IsOpen = True Then
    'Already open for mail
    End If

    'Set up the new mail document
    Signature = Maildb.GetProfileDocument
    Set MailDoc = Maildb.CREATEDOCUMENT
    With MailDoc
    .Form = "Memo"
    .sendto = Recipient
    .CopyTo = ""
    .Subject = Subject
    '.HTMLBody = <html><body><br>dicke Schrift</br></body></html>
    .Body = BodyText & Chr(13) & Signature
    .ReturnReceipt = "1"
    .Importance = "1"
    .DeliveryPriority = "H"
    End With


    'Set up the embedded object and attachment and attach it
    If Attachment <> "" Then
    Set AttachME = MailDoc.CreateRichTextItem("Attachment")
    Set EmbedObj = AttachME.EMBEDOBJECT(1454, "", Attachment,
    'MailDoc.CREATERICHTEXTITEM ("Attachment")
    End If
    'Send the document

    'Gets the mail to appear in the sent items folder
    MailDoc.PostedDate = Now()
    'MailDoc.SEND 0, Recipient

    Set Workspace = CreateObject("Notes.NotesUIWorkspace")
    Call Workspace.EditDocument(True, MailDoc).GotoField("Body")

    'Clean Up
    Set Maildb = Nothing
    Set MailDoc = Nothing
    Set AttachME = Nothing
    Set Session = Nothing
    Set EmbedObj = Nothing
    End Sub
    Carsten Steinhoff, Nov 11, 2009
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