Invitation mail for vizio conference arrives to participants but not to the meeting organiser

Discussion in 'Lotus Notes Technical Queries' started by Marias, Jan 6, 2021.

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    Jan 6, 2021
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    I dont know if someone can help me. We are sending invitation mails for a meeting, the invitations mails are send under a generic email address ([email protected]) but taking the name of the person who created the meeting.

    The participants receives the invitation email, but the creator of the meeting is not receiving the invitation email.

    I must add that the invitation arrives with the meeting organiser name but with the generic email address ([email protected]).
    In the Domino server Log I can see that the mail was distributed to the meeting organiser but nothing shows on his mailbox, instead for the meeting participants they receive the invitation and it shows correctly in their inbox.

    To illustrate this for example: JOHN SMTH (email: [email protected]) creates a meeting and invites [email protected] and [email protected]
    The invitations arrives to the inbox on person1 and person2 with this format:

    From: John Smith ([email protected])
    to: [email protected]


    From: John Smith ([email protected])
    to: [email protected]

    but for John smith the mail should be:

    From: John Smith ([email protected])
    to : [email protected]

    Why does is it not showing the mail for the meeting creator?; can I do to see the emails in the meeting creator inbox?
    Marias, Jan 6, 2021
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