IBM Lotus Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook (previously iNotes for Outlook)

Discussion in 'Lotus Notes Administration' started by night0wl, Aug 30, 2003.

  1. night0wl

    night0wl Guest

    Trying to install IBM Lotus Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook. Had a
    problem with pstprx32.dll halfway. Need to follow the steps below. But
    don't understand where to run the commands? These were extracted from
    the Release Notes NSF.

    Pls help. Using Domino & Notes 6.0.2CF1.


    ---> "Creating the Necessary EXE and INF Files "

    You must create a custom fileset, using the pstprx32.dll file. This
    file can be found in "C:\Program Files\Common
    Files\System\Mapi\1033\NT" after installing Outlook.

    Make sure PKZIP 2.5 is installed. Create a temporary subdirectory
    ("TEMP\MAPI" for example). Put the pstprx32.dll file in the temporary
    directory and run the following commands.
    DOLMkInf -d ".\MAPI" -f ".\DOLBase\IMAPDLL.inf" -v <desired version

    pkzip25 -add -rec -dir=relative -path=relative -excl=IMAPDLL.inf
    ..\MAPI\IMAPDLL ".\MAPI\*.*"
    pkzip25 -sfx .\MAPI\IMAPDLL

    ---> "Installing IBM Lotus Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook"

    Perform steps 1-3 if you are installing this software on the Microsoft
    Outlook 2000 client; for Microsoft Outlook 2002, begin with step 4.
    1. Create a self-extracting executable (EXE) file containing your
    program files.
    Note For Windows client platforms, the file name must begin with "N_
    " to signify that it is a Win32 file. For example: N_IMAPDLL.EXE.
    2. In the command prompt, navigate to the temp directory and run the
    DOLMKINF utility (DOLMKINF.EXE) by entering arguments with the
    following syntax:
    DOLMKINF -d path [-f filename] [-v version] [-h]
    night0wl, Aug 30, 2003
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