Doc written to not being sent... doesn't this work anymore?

Discussion in 'Lotus Notes Programming' started by Rich Text, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. Rich Text

    Rich Text Guest

    Ok, I know we're not really supposed to do this anymore, but I thought at
    least it should still work, even if it was frowned upon officially. The
    following code is simply NOT working for me. The document is getting saved
    in the, alright, but the router isn't doing anything with it... the
    document just sits there. Can anyone see anything I'm doing wrong?

    The router on the server does work, because I can email the group in
    question from the front end and it routes just fine. This is a closed test
    server and I have manager access to the so I can see the doc after
    it's created. The server is 6.5.2FP1 on Windows2000. Any thoughts
    appreciated. Thx. (Oh, and of course this code is due today b/c I thought
    this would be such an *easy* change, right?)

    Sub Initialize
    Dim s As New notessession
    Dim dbthis As NotesDatabase
    Dim MailDb As NotesDatabase
    Dim maildoc As NotesDocument

    Set dbThis = s.CurrentDatabase
    Set Maildb = New NotesDatabase(dbThis.Server, "")
    Set maildoc = New NotesDocument(maildb)
    maildoc.Form = "memo"
    maildoc.BlindCopyTo = "MyGroup @ MyDomain"
    maildoc.Recipients = "MyGroup @ MyDomain"
    maildoc.Principal = "My Name"
    maildoc.Subject = "This is a test email dropped into the"
    maildoc.SendTo = "My Name/OU/Org @ MyDomain"
    Call maildoc.Save(True, False)
    End Sub
    Rich Text, Aug 22, 2005
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  2. Rich Text

    Rich Text Guest

    NEVERMIND!! Didn't have a configuration document for the server... so it
    defaulted to having a and I was writing code to the
    sometimes it's the simple things....
    Rich Text, Aug 22, 2005
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  3. Rich Text

    Tim Mohrlant Guest

    You should use MAIL.BOX regardless of the how many mail boxes are
    configured. The server will always intercept the request for MAIL.BOX and
    redirect it to one of the numbered mail boxes.

    Tim Mohrlant - [email protected] (remove NO_JUNK_MAIL_)
    Tim Mohrlant, Aug 22, 2005
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