cant link AS/400 to notes using ODBC

Discussion in 'Lotus Notes General Discussion' started by ag, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. ag

    ag Guest

    Anyone have any idea what im doing wrong details listed below

    Domino Server 5.01 running on NT4 Server SP6

    ODBC created to access AS/400 Library containing Data (standard client
    access driver) default library set to 'libqry'
    Data Source libqry/wostatus
    fields 'TOPRM1'

    Data Connection
    Class 'RBDMS'
    Type 'ODBC'
    User user
    password password
    Data Source libqry (library name and ODBC name'
    Object table
    owner as per AS/400 owner for object
    name 'WOSTATUS' (file name in library 'libqry'

    Field Properties
    Name as per field name in AS/400 (easier to remember)
    rich text
    computed (tried editable)
    external data source
    field name 'TOPRM1' (for this field)
    metadata object name 'libqry' (is this correct)
    Data Connection Resource 'libqry'
    Store data locally 'yes' tried 'no'
    Data field 'yes' tried 'no'

    Default data connection 'libqry'
    default metadata 'libqry' (is this correct)
    ag, Feb 10, 2004
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