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Discussion in 'Lotus Notes Administration' started by pankovster, Oct 27, 2015.

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    Oct 27, 2015
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    My goal was to provide user his database imported from Exchange to LN to check.
    I did the client-to-client migration on the separate testing station, copied a local file "names.nsf" to the cpecially created folder on the Notes server, managed ACL to give user an access, renamed a file as "Kelly_Contacts.nsf" and sent a link to user.
    User found that I imported the wrong contacts database. I cleaned up all contacts (on the local testing station), did the import again, then copied "names.nsf" to the folder on the Notes server, renamed it as "Kelly_contacts2.nsf" and again sent the link to user.
    When user opened a link, it showed a previous database. I decided to delete the first file "Kelly_Contacts.nsf", but failed. LN looks like deletes a database, but after refresh shows it back again.
    I looked at the properties and found that both files "Kelly_Contacts.nsf" and "Kelly_contacts2.nsf" have the same replica_id, so maybe Domino cannot properly identify the file for deleting.
    How to delete a file in this case?
    P.S. I can't put the Notes server offline and delete via Windows, it's production and working 24x7
    pankovster, Oct 27, 2015
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