Adjusting Agent Schedule

Discussion in 'Lotus Notes Programming' started by Dabigoh, Oct 28, 2020.

  1. Dabigoh

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    Oct 28, 2020
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    I know this is probably a simple one but I just can't figure it out.

    We have several agents that were written in Formula language. They are all set to run once a day at a specific time (I think).

    We also have a couple of agents that were written in Lotusscript that are also set to run once a day. Using the Domino Designer, I can easily access the Lotusscript agent's properties and view/adjust the scheduled time.

    No matter what I try, however, I cannot find a way to view or adjust the scheduled time that the Formula agents are set to run.

    More specifically, the Lotusscript agents have a setting in their schedule to select which server to run on. I need to modify this setting because the agents are set to run on a machine that doesn't exist.

    Thanks in advance for any insight.
    Dabigoh, Oct 28, 2020
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